Random Multiple Choice Questions (all units)


Random Multiple Choice Questions (All Untis)

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the licensee status that results when a license is NOT renewed at the end of the license period is referred to as

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A properly executed contract that has as it purpose an illegal objective is

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A licensed real estae sales associate and broker desire to open a new real estate brokerage firm as general partners.  Which statement applies to this situation?

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When a new home is constructed, the structure is inspected to make sure it is built in compliance with building codes for wind-load strength, ventilation, and so forth. If the inspection is successful, the building inspector will issue

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If a broker is given the right to sign a real estate sale contract that will be binding on the seller, the broker is

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The broker of a large office hired a certified public accountant (CPA) and a full-time bookkeeper to manage the escrow account.  Which statement is TRUE regarding this situation?

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Which duty is NOT a duty in all three types of brokerage relationships?

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When an offeror withdraws an offer before acceptance, the offeror has

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A property owner and a broker decide to sell $20 lottery tickets to prospective customers for a chance to win the owner's property. They announce that if 1,000 tickets are sold, the winning ticket will get the property free and clear. However, if less than 1,000 tickets are sold the winning ticket will get the property for a price of $200,000 minus the value of the tickets sold. Which statement is TRUE?

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May escrow funds be moved from a non-interest-bearing account to an interest-bearing account?

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A broker is a single agent for a buyer who has entered into a written contract to purchase a new house from a builder. The builder is unable to complete construction by the required date.  The builder and the buyer agree to rescind the contract.  What MUST the broker do with the canceled contract?

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Which statement is FALSE regarding unearned fees?

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in Florida, to make a claim of adverse possession, the adverse possessor

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What is the result of failing to respond timely to the Election of Right form?

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A real estate licensee is NOT authorized to draw which contract?

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Which statement is TRUE regarding an "as is" provision in a sale contract?

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Three persons were co-owners of a parcel of real property. One owner died, and his ownership passed to the two remaining co-owners. The deceased owner was

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A transaction broker may disclose, without exception

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The statute that requires an injured party to bring an action within a specific period of time after the injury is the statute of

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The act of inducing homeowners to sell by stating that minority persons might move into a neighborhood is called

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The Broker and the seller agree to single agency representation.  The broker MUST

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A joint venture usually is created to

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A Florida broker accompanies her spouse when he goes on active duty in Ohio for five years.  The broker is not active in real estate during this time.  To renew her Florida broker's license within two years of her spouse discharge, she

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Which information MUST be disclosed on the license application?

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The act of refusing to make mortgage loans or stating different mortgage terms or conditions based on racial groups is called

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A real estate sales associate might lawfully accept an extra commission fro the difficult sale from

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Tile by adverse possession must continue for  LEAST how many consecutive years without the owner's consent?

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A sales associate is selling her own property "by owner".  Which statement is TRUE regarding real estate licensees selling property "by owner"?

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The owner of an office building has signed an exclusive listing agreement with a broker. The listing agreement contains information about the  broker's lien rights in accordance with Part III of 475, F.S. If the owner sells the property without paying the broker a commission, the broker

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A woman and her sister, who are both married, want to go into business together and are purchasing a parcel on which to build a restaurant. To protect each of their families, how should they take title?

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a specific garage parking space conveys with the title transfer of a condominium. The parking space is what type of property?

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Which statement is FALSE regarding mutual recognition agreements?

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Which type of alienation is voluntary?

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Salse advertising concerning real estate information is what type of penalty?

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Besides ownership between spouses, the MOST frequently used form of co-ownership of property is

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The phrase "time is of the essence" means

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The Civil Rights Acts of 1968 mad discrimination illegal if based on any of these criteria EXCEPT

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Which reason would NOT make a valid contract to purchase and sell real estate unenforceable?

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which encumbrance constitutes a lien on real property?

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An individual who has fulfilled all of the academic and experience requirements for a real estate broker's license, but who operates as a sales associate in the employ of a supervising broker is an

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Which condominium document is required to be given to prospective buyers only for new residential construction of more than 20 units?

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A license applicant is NOT required to disclose which offense on the application?

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A transaction broker of residential property has which duty(ies) and responsibility(ies)?

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A sales associate receives a good-faith deposit on Monday morning. The broker is in the office days, so he gives the deposit to his broker that same day.  By the end of business on what day must the broker deposit the funds into the escrow account?

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If both buyer and seller claim the earnest money deposit in a broker's account, how much time does the broker have to notify the FREC in writing?

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A license applicant has completed the 63-hour sales associate pre-license course.  Within what period of time after being issued a course completion slip for the pre-license course MUST the applicant pass the state license exam?

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A 15-year old entered into a contract with a man who is of legal age to contract. Which statement is TRUE?

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An interest in real property that  exists for a  designated period, created by a property executed leas agreement, is

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What type of evidence unless refuted by evidence to the contrary will be accepted by the court as a fact?

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In which document will a condominium owner find the rules and regulations?

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A condominium is created by

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The type of time-share ownership that the usage rights revert back to the developer-seller is

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A sales associate has helped a buyer locate a home for which the buyer has made an offer to purchase. The buyer gives the sales associate an earnest money check of $2500 payable to a title company. Which applies?

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A seller who wishes to recover monetary damages equal to the extent of loss suffered in excess of the earnest money deposit may

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A broker's escrow account may NOT be in

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When a security deposit or advance rent is required by a landlord, the landlord may

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Which statement applies to designated sales asssociates?

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Which real estate form does NOT require a signature

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The type of deed that contains the words "remise and release" or similar words is the

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Any contract that obligates both parties to perform in accordance with the terms of the contract is

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an easement created by court order to allow the right of ingress and egress over another person's property to landlocked property is which type of easement?

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